Advances in technology have been profound and have affected nearly every aspect of our world. Social media tech has become a cornerstone of our day-to-day lives.

If you really think about it, it’s astonishing that we have the ability to immediately access an incredible amount of information, connect with others across the world with almost no barriers, and instantaneously correspond and add personal commentary to discussions while equipped with an e-bullhorn.

We’re consumed by, and in some ways dependent upon these forums, and it’s easy to forget that what’s available to us now is really still somewhat fledgling and unrefined. The companies at the helm today were the first that grew large enough to capture the eyes, ears, and minds of the online world. But, as they’ve become powerfully enmeshed in our lives, they also become a sort of black hole ... sucking our time, energy, money, and worse, our faith in the good that could come from the connections and communities we find through them.

In these spaces we are saturated with meaningless content, crushed by the “noise level” that’s risen to a red hot extreme, and bullied by censorship, content manipulation, and trolls. In the race to create big, bold, billion dollar tech companies, we the users now see that we always have been a commodity; bought, sold, mined, abused, and left emotionally spent as the positives they once seemed to offer no longer outweigh the crushing negatives.

The point is, for many of us these spaces don’t work well anymore. We’re in dire need of both an evolution of the positive components of these systems, a remedy for what is clearly broken, and a healing of our shattered trust.

What remains to be seen is whether or not we can unentangle ourselves well enough to move to a new paradigm and find some sort of light in the darkness.

It won’t be easy, but we believe it will be worth it.



It wasn’t a business idea; it was just a tool to fix what was broken in one person’s life.

Our founder’s journey was one of needing to learn her way through her own and her loved ones’ complex health issues. She recognized that the wisdom she needed – the been-there-done-that’s from people she could trust were out there, but they weren’t easy to find, organize, or act upon. Throughout the process of nearly losing her own life and being unable to prevent the death of both of her parents, she worked to create a better way for us all to contribute to and access what she calls our vital collective wisdom.

The Sphir concept has two connected ideas at its core. First, information is not knowledge and knowledge is not wisdom. Second, we are wiser together than any one of us is alone.

Information is everywhere and to us, is akin to empty calories. We live in a world of information overload, where we’re deluged by more than we can process or use to make sensible decisions, and we all struggle with the "paradox of choice" — the more options we have, the less happy we usually are.

Knowledge the facts, and data gained through education or experience, is also available all over the Internet and holds some mental nutritional value. Yet, in the competitive online marketplace, that which is truly beneficial is often indistinguishable from well-marketed mis-information disguised as knowledge.

Wisdom by contrast, is the voice of experience, the successfully internalized and conveyed knowledge of a person, group, society, or culture. Miles Kington clarified this concept when he said, Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing that a tomato doesn’t belong in a fruit salad.

At Sphir, we firmly believe that it is not information nor knowledge, but wisdom that has the power to truly change our lives for the better. In addition, we know the tremendous benefit of one person’s context, experience, and lessons learned can be amplified a hundred-fold if collected and shared in a meaningful way. The Sphir technology just makes the finding, keeping and sharing of our wisdom easier to do.


The story of Sphir is really the story of everyone who believes it is possible to find and work with others to curate the best solutions to life's challenges, build communities without the distortion of commercial interests, and elevate our “social” interactions to a level on which critical debate, honest discourse, respectful disagreement, and an unyielding pursuit of truth can exist in the same space as humor, beauty and the lighter side of life.


At our core, we are a tool designed to make the finding, keeping, and the curating of information much easier and more meaningful, but we also understand how important “social” is. The tool would be meaningless without our friendships, communities, and connections as the framework.

Think of us like an avocado 😉


The first technology that we built allowed users to efficiently find, keep, and share the people, places, and things in life that worked for them. You’ll find this tech at the core of Sphir today. It includes cards, folders, and your library. Then, through our patented, curated search mechanism all of these elements are connected to one another and to you.

The fruit of the site is the social feature set that includes functionality for posting and commenting, messaging, groups, your own customized following feed, advanced video capabilities 1 , and our unique blockchain encrypted eCommerce 1 transaction options.

The peel is our comprehensive blockchain encryption and our uncompromising ethical standards.


We are dedicated to maintaining this technology for the long term and employing excellent people to manage it all so we run the site and platform as a business.

We will generate revenue by supporting Sphir users who create and wish to monetize their own original content, sell their own products or services, or those who wish to use our advanced video capabilities 1 to store, manage, and monetize their video collateral. 1 All use of the tech leading up to a transaction is free and our transaction fees will be competitive. Purchases will be made through our secure, blockchain-backed, multi-vendor shopping cart 1 , and users who monetize will have access to useful aggregate analytic tools, business reputation score 2 ,and integrated communication features. 2

Sphir is built with comprehensive Blockchain content encryption. At this time, we do not intend to use the crypto-currency aspect of blockchain as a core component of the tech.

The Sphir app is a progressive web application that is accessible from any browser on any device, including mobile phones, that will never require downloading or updating - just bookmark the URL. There is no native Sphir app in any app store and at this time we do not intend to produce one.

Not allowed in Sphir is censorship, advertising, manipulative SEO, pay-to-play, trolling, and other ethical violations or anti-user tactics. Please review our Terms of Use and our strict Code of Conduct for more information.


Sphir was created by our users, of our users, and for our users, and everyone here will have the right and responsibility to decide what and who to trust. We will work to try and keep out the true riffraff, but hope you surround yourself with people of integrity and keep your critical thinking skills sharp, as ultimately, these are your decisions to make.

We will support all efforts to uncover difficult truths, protect diligent research, and offer a place to communicate hard-won wisdom.

We’ll always encourage you to never stop looking for new ways to tap into the full power of a committed community to solve the toughest problems in life.

In truth and light,

The Sphir Team


1 Phase II option

2 Phase III option